EU Eco-Label

The EU Eco-Label is an ISO 14024 Type I environmental label that indicates that a product or service has less impact on environment, contains less harmful chemicals for human health, and is more sustainable than other equivalent products/services. Established in 1992, the EU Eco-Label system operates on a voluntary basis and provide assurance that the product as environmentally friendly. Having products awarded with the EU Eco-Label, can increase the prestige of the company in terms of sustainability.

With the increase in consumer awareness and sensitiveness, consumer behaviours converge towards sustainable and environmental products. The EU Eco-Label is one of the most reliable label showing that a product is sustainable and contains less harmful chemicals.

The following labels can be awarded if the product manufacturers meet the necessary criteria:

Eco-label services:

– Turkey Environmental Label

– Blue Angel – Germany

– The Nordic Swan Ecolabel – Norway

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