SimaPro LCA Software

SimaPro has been the world’s leading LCA software package for 25 years. It is trusted by industry and academics in more than 80 countries. SimaPro was developed to help you effectively apply your LCA expertise to drive change – to provide the facts needed to create sustainable value.

When it comes to solid sustainable decision-making, you need both the right facts and the right way of communicating these facts. SimaPro contains the latest in science-based methods and databases. SimaPro comes fully integrated with the following databases:

Industry data library
US Life Cycle Inventory Database
Swiss Input/Output Database
The Social Hotspots Database (optional)
European and Danish Input/Output database

SimaPro is used for a variety of applications, like:

Carbon footprint calculation
Product design and eco-design
Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)
Environmental impact of products or services
Environmental reporting (GRI)
Determining of key performance indicators (KPI)

Metsims is SimaPro's solution partner in Turkey and it is the only authorized representative for sales, support and training.