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With its experienced consultants and leading edge consultancy services, Metsims is a successful companion for the sustainability journeys of hundreds of companies.

Metsims – Sustainability Solutions

You May Need An Expert Companion On Your Sustainability Journey

After governments, brands are also making a serious effort to combat the climate crisis, the effects of which are emerging day by day. So what are brands’ responsibilities?

o Identify and evaluate your climate-oriented risks and opportunities.
o Set out your sustainability priorities.
o Set your short, medium and long-term goals.
o To achieve your goals review your operational processes and focus on your new projects.

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Metsims is an engineering and sustainability consultancy that can demystify / deconstruct / simplify sustainability to measurable performance indicators, calculate and evaluate, and communicate with all stakeholders.


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    We Serve to Global Markets from United Kingdom and Turkey

    4 Clear Water Place Oxford OX2 7NL
    Elmas Studio Levent, Lalegül Sokak No.7/18 34415 Levent, İstanbul

    Founded in Oxford, England in 2005 to provide services on resource efficiency, and on material and process improvement in manufacturing industries; over the time Metsims Sustainability Consulting has developed its expertise in life cycle assessment and has become one of the global players. With in depth expertise in product and corporate sustainability, we have been offering solutions on circular economy, natural capital accounting, green finance and investment, EU Taxonomy  and sustainable business models.

    As a result of its extensive work over the years in diverse industries; especially in construction, construction materials, chemistry, energy, textile and food, we have developed and contributed to various LCA databases globally






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