About Us

Established in 2005 in Oxford, United Kingdom, as an engineering consultancy for focusing on resource efficient and optimised materials and process development in manufacturing industries, Metsims has over the years developed expertise in the areas of resource efficiency, circular economy and life cycle thinking. As part of strategy to provide sustainability services beyond the EU, Istanbul office was established in 2009.

Metsims is frontier in life-cycle thinking and life cycle inventory dataset/database development on construction, chemicals, energy, textiles and many other industries as a result of extensive expertise accumulated over the years. We also have access to the leading LCA tools and databases.

We believe in science-based facts, are passionate collaborators and help create sustainable solutions.

We commit to science-based results. We won’t engage in facts distortion.
We will use our experience and knowledge to inform our customers and to facilitate sustainable development and practices.
We will take every opportunity to maximise our positive impact.
We will engage with everyone who wants to take responsibility for a transition towards a more sustainable future.

When you have started to ask:

How to operate in ways that reduce consumption of water, energy and other resources?
What help do I need keep from depleting the planet’s natural resources?
How do I measure progress with reliable metrics?
How do I understand what works?
How we can report on it?
Wow it affects my bottom line, and how to incorporate sustainability into strategic goals and investments?

and for many more sustainability questions, the answers lie with us here at Metsims. We are committed to measuring and putting metrics behind sustainability for any type and size of a business across the globe.



United Kingdom, Turkey, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Croatia, Czechia, Slovenia, India, United Arab Emirates

Years of experience

with expert consultants from the best universities


Encompassing many different sectors and all aspects of sustainability


Client focused, measurable and manageable value creation