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Metsims remains committed to measuring sustainability with key quantitative performance indicators, helping you out manage the sustainability for your business.

You are a private company or a non-profit organization; or you are a legislator in the public sector and you have started to adopt the idea of sustainability. Are you looking for answers for the following questions?

  • How do I operate in ways that reduce consumption of water, energy and other resources?
  • What help do I need to keep the planet’s natural resources from depleting?
  • How do I measure progress in sustainability with reliable metrics?
  • How can I decide what to focus on, and what are my hot-spots?
  • How can I report on all this?
  • How can I incorporate sustainability into strategic goals and investments?

Sürdürülebilirlik Stratejimizle Müşterilerimize Değer Sağlıyoruz!

You can find the real answers to these and many similar questions at Metsims.

We Provide Value to Our Customers with Our Sustainability Strategy!

Established in 2005 in Oxford, United Kingdom, to provide services on resource efficiency, material and process improvement in production, Metsims has developed its expertise in life cycle assessment and product and corporate sustainability, and offers solutions on circular economy, natural capital accounting and sustainable business models. Metsims established its Istanbul office in 2009 as a result of its strategy to open up to developing markets, and switched to a legal structure in 2011 after intense interest in its customer-oriented business strategies and country-specific solutions. Metsims is one of the first to implement the life cycle idea in industry and it is the only company in Turkey that can develop the Turkey Life Cycle Inventory (TLCID) and Turkey Building Materials Environmental Performance (TurCoMDat) databases thanks to its extensive work done over the years in many other industries – especially in construction, building materials, chemistry, energy, textiles and food. It is an engineering and consulting firm that can simplify the concept of sustainability down to measurable performance indicators, calculate and evaluate it for you, and communicate your results to all your stakeholders.

Metsims remains committed to measuring sustainability with key indicators.

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