VİTRA KARO Published EPD Documents

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which forms the basis of EPD documents, was carried out under the supervision of Metsims Sustainability Consulting in accordance with ISO 14040/44 and EN 14025 standards. VitrA tiles, which are produced with different designs and dimensions to meet the needs of the users, are one step ahead with the environmental sensitivity they exhibit in the construction projects to be realized in Turkey and abroad thanks to the EPD documents that demonstrate environmental performance measurements in an internationally valid format.  The project was completed by Metsims Sustainability Consulting  in a short time such as 2 months, approved and recorded at the international level.

Metsims design team has also designed the EPD documents, which include climate change, different environmental impact results and company information, product description and technical features, reflecting the corporate identity of the company. EPD documents was published simultaneously on Turkey’s first and only local EPD System which is called EPD Turkey and also for international markets, documents were published on International EPD System (IES). The IES and Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V (IBU) systems will soon be published in the IBU, as they have accepted each other’s EPD documents.

Today, EPD documents are required in green building evaluation systems such as LEED and BREEAM. EPD documents, known as Type III environmental labels defined in the ISO 14025 standard, are now a requirement in building materials. Environmental impacts obtained as a result of scientific calculations made in accordance with ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) standard are recorded in accordance with EN 15804 standard. EPD documents, which are one of the most successful means of sustainability communication and are requested during export to many European countries, especially Northern European countries, are also supported by the government for export purposes.

EPD certificates harmonized with the EN 15804 standard in building materials through the ECO-Platform established by the European Building Materials Association are now defined as the green CE mark. The developments in EN15804 standard and other building materials oriented developments are closely monitored by Metsims Sustainability Consulting which is the only company  among the founders of ECO Platform from Turkey and also Metsims Sustainability Consulting offer their contribution on behalf of Turkey.

Vitra porcelain and wall tiles of the EPD documents, preparing a digital version of the international format Metsims Sustainability Consulting Turkey Building Materials Environmental Performance Database (TurCoMDat) were also enables published.

TurCoMDat is a platform that aims to increase the exports of sustainable building materials produced in Turkey. It is developed for engineers, architects and green building professionals On the other hand, VitrA EPD documents were also published on The EPD Registry which is a UK-based construction materials-oriented platform.

You can access the EPD documents of the porcelain tiles and wall tiles produced by VitrA from the links below.

• Porcelain Tile :

• Wall Tile :

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