Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reporting is a way of communicating an organization’s economic, environmental, social and governance performance towards sustainable development goals to internal and external stakeholders.

Companies can use sustainability report to:

  1. understand the risks and opportunities ahead
  2. improve brand value and corporate reputation
  3. evaluate and compare sustainability performance according to laws, norms, regulations, standards and voluntary initiatives
  4. compare performance and learn from the peers
  5. comply with national regulation & legislation, and sustainability indices requirements by stock exchanges
  6. manage the expectations of companies and stakeholders for sustainable development.

All stages of the reporting process is handled by Metsims Sustainability Consulting following the GRI Standards.

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Level Up Your Sustainability Report

Metsims always looks for a twist and add a different perspective to sustainability reports.

Make a Difference by incorporating LCA and Corporate Carbon accounting

When preparing GRI sustainability report, we make sure we calculate the product life cycle impacts as well as company’s corporate carbon footprint covering full scopes 1,2,3 and integrate the results in the reports to improve environmental sustainability and bring measurability.


Metsims has provided GRI reporting consultancy for several organizations such as Polisan Holding, Uno, DowAksa, SenepaStempa, Perfektüp and the Turkish Automotive Manufacturers Association (OSD).