Product Carbon Footprint

The product carbon footprint is the measurement and calculation of the total greenhouse gas emissions from a product, starting from the supply of raw materials to the end of the lifecycle, in CO2 equivalents. In these studies, although the scope and limits are determined based on the product and the process, cradle-to-gate and cradle-to-grave are the common analysis boundaries. Metsims can calculate the carbon footprint of your product in accordance with international standards such as ISO 14067, or the GHG Protocol the Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard, identify the most-carbon intensive processes and take appropriate steps to reduce the related emissions.

Product carbon footprint studies can be considered as a subset of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies. Greenhouse gas emission is one of the biggest causes of climate change and determining the carbon footprint is the beginning of a long-term planning process that enables companies to develop strategies to reduce their impacts.

Product Carbon Footprint Standards

Standards such as ISO 14067, GHG Protocol the Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard and PAS 2050 are followed in product carbon footprint calculations.