Life Cycle Assessment - LCA

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a scientific tool for evaluating, in accordance with ISO 14040, the environmental impacts of products or services throughout the complete life cycle (from cradle to grave); from the extraction of raw materials, through manufacturing, transportation, use, recycling, and disposal of the product, including the energy and auxiliary materials used. LCA enables companies to identify hotspots during production and go to improvement studies, benefit from the evaluation in product design/development studies and use it as a marketing tool.

With its expert staff, Metsims provides consultancy services and training to calculate your environmental impact and performance to create a competitive environment and create awareness of the fundamentals of sustainability, by carrying out LCA studies for your products with the world’s leading LCA software SimaPro. Metsims is the global solution partner for SimaPro and also the distributer for the Turkish market.

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Why Metsims for LCA Consulting?

Metsims has been working on LCA since 2005 and has completed hundreds of studies; our consultants have extensive process knowledge with the hundreds of production processes and products assessed. Your company’s results go wherever you go: in your tenders, your customer negotiations or your zero-carbon journey. Measuring the environmental performance of your company or products is not a straightforward task. It should be conducted with a consultant who is not only expert in LCA but also has broad experience in production processes in many different industries.

Hundreds of companies globally rely on Metsims for their LCA studies.

World's Leading LCA Software SimaPro Authorized Distributor.

Metsims is the first and only authorized distributor of SimaPro in Turkey. It also provides technical support and training.

Competence, Global Experience, Know-how

Metsims has conducted LCA studies for hundreds of products and services thanks to its extensive process knowledge. Metsims provides LCA consultancy services in more than 15 different countries including assessment and verification.

Commercial Benefits of LCA

LCA can bring benefits to your business, from managing current and future risks to increasing business portfolio. While Lifecycle Thinking provides an inclusive overview and understanding, it is essential to achieve meaningful results that can drive real change.

Benefits can be divided into three areas: Business Value; Supply Chain Management; and Others.

Reducing Costs: LCA can provide an insight into inefficient processes and potentially lead to reductions in energy or resource use.
Benchmarking: Having a baseline of a product's impact serves as a future marker to show progress.
Common Sense: The objectivity that LCA provides can give different departments a better understanding of company-wide priorities and set them a common goal to achieve.
Expand the Customer Portfolio: By communicating the results of an LCA, a product can reach potential customers that have high environmental consciousness .
Risk Management: Finding risks in the supply chain and reducing their occurrence.
Hotspots: Identifying the ‘hotspot’ areas that have significant environmental impact throughout a product's lifecycle.
Transparency: With an honest view of their supply chains, companies can have open discussions both internally and with suppliers about the procurement decisions made and the rationale behind them.
Future Expectations: By modelling the product lifecycle, LCA can provide the knowledge base to develop new products and gives insight into sustainable product development.
Future Expectations: The LCA calculation can provide an opportunity to understand the impacts and cost of future regulations.
Brand Value: By making an LCA calculation, the company demonstrates corporate responsibility by measuring product impacts and emphasizes its commitment for a more sustainable future.
Reliability: LCA is internationally recognized science-based standard giving assurance to external stakeholders that a product has undergone independent analysis to verify its sustainability.
Marketing: LCA results can be combined with other environmental information to develop a Product Environmental profile in a user-friendly, easy to understand format.