Independent LCA/EPD Verification

Founder of Metsims Sustainability Consultin, Dr. Hüdai Kara is Turkey’s first and only local EPD/LCA verifier approved by the International EPD System. Providing independent verification services for products manufactured world-wide, Dr Kara is one of the world-renowned names in the EPD/LCA community. He is also the Chairman of the Technical Committee of the International EPD System.

Over 100 Verification Projects
Different Countries
Over 42 Companies
LCA/EPD Doğrulama Hizmeti Verilen Ülkeler

Reference Companies

 ACC Limited
 Ambuja Cement Limited
 Ambuja Cements Ltd.
 Asahi India Glass Pvt.
 Ballingslöv AB
 Benchmark Ltd.
 Berger Paints Ltd.
 BeWi Insulation AB
 Burmatex Ltd.
 Byggelit Sverige AB


 CIDEM Hranice
 CS Construction Specialties
 Demi Rustic
 Dubai Precast LLC
 Eden Renewable Innovations Limited
 Foster + Partners
 Ilocos (9046)
 JSW Steel Limited
 KNAUF Praha
 Knauf Turkey
 Kubik India Pvt Limited
 Mark Product
 Marshalls Bricks and Masonry
 MEA Bautechnik GmbH
 Scandia Steel
Sia Vizulo
 Sofap Mauritius
 Sterlite Technologies Limited
 Trimo d.d
 Unibeton Ready Mix LLC
 Válcovny trub Chomutov

Verification Panel References