Corporate Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is the measure of the greenhouse gas emissions in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) directly or indirectly caused by people, organisations, events or processes. While the carbon footprint of the organisation was previously used to promote social responsibility, monitor supplier demand and drive marketing strategies, the European Green Deal now requires Scope 1 emissions to be calculated as a legal obligation in 5 sectors.

Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, calculated within the framework of the ISO 14064:2018 standard and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standards by the GHG Protocol, refer to the greenhouse gas emissions because of the activities of a company.

It is important for companies to determine carbon footprints to evaluate their climate change impacts and develop future strategies.

NEDEN CO2 Eşdeğeri?

Küresel ısınmaya neden olan sera gazları (GHG) ve küresel ısınma potansiyellerinin (GWP) farklı olduğu görülmektedir. Yapılan hesapların karşılaştırılabilir olması için tüm sera gazları ilgili GWP’ne göre katsayılar ile çarpılarak CO2e olarak ifade edilir. CO2e olarak ifade edilmesinin en önemli sebebi salınan miktar ve GWP potansiyeli açısından CO2 en yaygın gaz olmasıdır.

Emission Categories per Standards

Kaynak: GHG Protocol



Boundary Definition

It is important to determine the system boundaries; this is the first stage of carbon footprint assessment. Three scopes are available: Scope 1 (Direct carbon footprint), Scope 2 (Indirect carbon footprint) and Scope 3 (Other indirect carbon footprint).


Data Collection

Primary data is collected from the clients. Thanks to our expertise and deep sector knowledge, we develop sector specific data collection templates that ease the process for the companies.



Once data collected, calculations are made using appropriate and accepted reference emission factors. With its access to global and sectoral LCA databases, Metsims can calculate all the emissions within the scope 1,2,3



After calculations, hotspots are determined and evaluated further. Reporting is done based on the assessed and evaluated results.



When required, our calculations can be verified by independent third-party verifiers. Metsims will always be available to provide necessary support during the verification process.


To support our carbon assessment service and provide a long term sustainable solution to our clients,  Metsims Sustainability Consulting developed CAGE Carbon Management Platform available in 9 world languages. Detailed information about CAGE Carbon is available here.

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Managing and creating a strategy on carbon is a long-term process. The first step is certainly reliable and inclusive full scope calculations.

Metsims has a wide variety of project references including for Scope 3 in many different sectors at international level- from construction industry to e-commerce, from food industry to chemistry.