Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

CDP is a non-profit organization based in London that runs the global disclosure system for companies. CDP investigates how companies use their resources and capital, how their activities affect the use of limited resources, and how they manage the related risks.

CDP Projects require company-specific assessment!

CDP questionnaires are updated every year and differ slightly from sector to sector, so completing them requires sector knowledge and company-specific evaluations. Metsims Sustainability Consulting works with selected clients only for each year to provide the best service. Contact us to become one of those privileged clients.

Recognized by the Harvard Business Review as the world’s most powerful green non-profit organization (NPO), CDP believes that the private sector should take responsibility for climate change. For this reason, CDP provides a platform where private sector companies can transparently show their climate change and water policies to encourage them to fulfil this responsibility. CDP acts on behalf of more than 590 investors managing in the excess of USD110 trillion of assets and challenges the world’s leading companies to disclose their environmental impacts and related policies.


How does our CDP consultancy delivered?


First, a short training program is held at the project kick-off meeting to make sure that the project runs smoothly and coordination between project teams increased.

Detailed information about the project and its different stages is provided. The outline of the study, its content, data collection methods, and approaches are all communicated.

The stages of our assessment is as follows:

  1. Check the background on existing of the CDP disclosure

Metsims consultants examine the previous CDP disclosure, if any, to check against the compliance of corporate carbon footprint to ISO 14064 standard and GHG Protocol. These rules cover measurement of greenhouse gas emissions, determination of the system boundaries, and monitoring the emissions over time. When required, updates are made by with new carbon factors recalculating. At the same time, any missing points are revealed by analysing the declarations made to the CDP.

  1. Data Collection and Calculation

The data collection template is sent for the corporate carbon footprint calculations. In addition, any changes in the governance, the progress of existing and any newly planned reduction projects. Projects are carefully evaluated and inadequacies are determined. Metsims conducts the corporate carbon footprint analysis in detail according to ISO 14064 standards within the system boundaries. Metsims offers a complete Scope 3 (category 4) analysis thanks to its access to globally accepted ecoinvent database and the databases developed in-house (Environmental Hub for Green Construction Products and Turkey Life Cycle Inventory Database).

  1. Independent Verification

The calculations may optionally be verified by an independent third party. This can be arranged and managed by Metsims.

  1. Identification of Carbon Emission Hot Spots

Based on the calculations, hot spots are identified and evaluated by our team evaluations accordingly.

  1. Examination of Emission Reduction Strategies

Metsims consultants determine and evaluate climate-related risks and opportunities based on the results. These risks and opportunities along with the company’s sustainability strategy is formed and targets are set

  1. Analysis and Reporting

CDP questions for the reporting year are answered based on the collected data and calculations. CDP’s current scoring strategy is used in reporting.

  1. Application to CDP

Metsims carries out the application process in close collaboration with the company’s representative for approval.

  1. CDP Results

Content support is provided for the press release to be prepared by the company after the results are announced. These press releases focus on the quality, detail and transparency of the provided data. The targets set by the company will also be discussed.

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