CAGE Carbon Management Platform

CAGE Carbon Management Platform is an application to calculate ISO 14064 compliant corporate carbon footprint and help companies manage carbon data and develop possible short- and long-term reduction targets.

Developed by Metsims Sustainability Consulting for global clients, with CAGE, one can calculate the corporate carbon footprint at corporate and facility level and analyse the results in detail with interactive graphics and tables. With visual analysis, you can identify your hotspots and create annual carbon reduction targets. Setting up sub-users at facility level is available for the account manager. All Scope 3 materials data is prepared specifically for your production systems, so you will have access to all the factors you need.

CAGE Carbon Management Platform Features

  1. ISO 14064 Certified
  2. Powered by world’s most comprehensive database ecoinvent database 3.8
  3. Science Based Targets-SBTi compliant
  4. Possibility to make Scope 1, 2 and 3 calculations consisting of every activity
  5. Has a database and detailed Scope 3 calculations
  6. Includes company-specific product data in Scope 3 Materials
  7. Contains country specific electricity production mix emissions of all countries at medium and low voltage
  8. Contains country-specific natural gas emissions factors
  9. Visual monitoring of carbon hotspots at corporate and facility level
  10. Automatic display of the carbon sources with the most emissions
  11. Ability to set carbon reduction targets at activity, scope, facility or the entire organization level and monitor them visually over the years
  12. Automatic data upload
  13. Exports outcomes in a different format
  14. Available in 9 world languages
  15. Graphic export function for reporting
  16. Unlimited sub-facility and sub-user accounts and the ability to manage these accounts
  17. CBAM Border Carbon Tax calculation module (coming soon)