LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

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LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

LCA is a scientific tool for the evaluation of environmental effects of products or services throughout the complete life cycle, literally: “from cradle to grave.” This involves the extraction of raw materials, refining, fabrication, transportation, use, recycling and disposal of the product, as well as the energy and ancillary materials supplies. An LCA provides you with a chance to see how the products you produce are affecting the environment. Using the LCA you will map out a few different strategies that provide you with a quality product that will not have damaging impacts on the environment.

With its expert consultant staff, Metsims provides the following consultancy services with LCA:

LCA for green buildings:

LCA building evaluation suitable for EN 15978:2011,
LCA building evaluations for LEED version 4.0 credit and
LCA building evaluations for DGNB credits.

LCA for green building products and materials:

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) compliant to EN 15804:2012
LEED ver:4.0 material credits
ISO 14040/44 Product Environmental Profile
ISO 14067 Climate Declarations

LCA for furniture and furniture industry:

Product design and eco-design
Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)
Environmental profiles

LCA for textiles

Determining of key performance indicators
Carbon footprint calculations
Water footprint calculations

LCA for chemical industries

Product design and eco-design
Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

LCA References

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