How Metsims help Koleksiyon Furniture to achieve EPDs on all office products?

The Challenge

Based on its key guiding principles and forty years of experience, Koleksiyon Furniture is known for its clean and understated intelligent design, its quality of manufacture, and its insight into the needs and concerns of customers.

Using environmentally friendly and recyclable materials and technology when designing products and services, Koleksiyon Furniture always aims to protect the environment as well as human safety. The brand is also willing to ensure that each employee truly knows the importance of his/her contribution to a sustainable environment.

For this purpose and also growing demand from the end users, i.e. the customers, Koleksiyon Furniture decided to establish environmental impacts for more than its 2500 unique designs, and publish them as Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), independently third-party verified ISO 14025 Type III environmental labels.

The challenges were:

  • It took 2 years to have 4 EPDs in traditional way with a local consultant.
  • How to make an EPD for each of the 2500 products at low cost and time efficient manner?
  • Client’s purchasing habits changes so the solution should accommodate “EPD on demand“ requirement, so that purchasing of any product accompany an EPD.
  • The solution should be easy to use and independent of any consultant support.

The Approach:

Koleksiyon Furniture decided to work with Metsims Sustainability Consulting, the leading pan-European sustainability consultancy with businesses in the UK and Turkey. Metsims first completed the 3 EPDs for Elea Chairs product ranges within 3 months as these were needed for the green certification of newly built Istanbul Airport. These were the first published EPDs in furniture product group from Turkey. During this time, Metsims also evaluated and understood the manufacturing set up and requirement for one-off long-term sustainable solution.

The Solution: EPD Process Certification                              

EPD Process Certification is relatively new approach developed to deal with publishing large amount of EPDs for manufacturers with mang products.

This approach requires sophisticated LCA models to deal with varieties of so many products and linkages to ERP systems to streamline inventory of products and processes.

Metsims developed a sophisticated parameterized LCA models in SimaPro, the leading LCA software solution for environmental performance, to assess environmental impacts of 2500 products. The LCA models are linked to Koleksiyon Furniture’s SAP system for easy and streamlined data collection. 

The Outcome:

  • Koleksiyon Furniture acclaimed to be the first and only company in the world to certify for the EPD Process Certification in its sector.

The Contact:

United Kingdom: 4 Clear Water Place, Oxford OX2 7NL,

Turkey: Sultan Selim Mh., Lalegül Sk. No:7/18 4.Levent, Istanbul