In response to the numerous environmental labels developing and spreading around European Union (EU) countries, the Council of the European Union established the labelling system called EU Ecolabel on 23 March 1992. EU Ecolabels would be valid throughout the EU. The label, with a flower as its logo, is given to a variety of products and services based on assessments of all its production stages and indicates that the product or service is environmentally friendly. The label is awarded by the independent EU Ecolabel Commission.

Only authorized bodies in EU countries accept applications for EU Ecolabels from around the world. Metsims has experienced staff, concerning EU Ecolabel applications and usage. Besides informing producers about EU Ecolabels, Metsims offers consultancy during label applications for products and services and provides technical support.

Our other ecolabel services beyond EU Ecolabel are:

Blue Angel-Germany
White Swan-Sweden
Vitality Leaf- Russia
Environmental Label-Turkey

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EU-Ecolabel contributes to following SDGs