Database and Software Development (SaaS)


Developed by Metsims Sustainability Consulting, the Turkish Life Cycle Inventory Database (TLCID) contains environmental performance data for the economic activity in Turkey from many different sectors such as construction materials, energy, textile, chemistry, packaging, food and transport. The TLCID has been developed since 2009 under the technical expertise of Metsims Sustainability Consulting, with the vision of providing the state of the art, quality and specific datasets to evaluate environmental impacts and provide compliance for Turkish businesses in global trade.


Developed by Metsims Sustainability Consulting, TurCoMDat is a database for construction products produced in Turkey containing comprehensive list of environmental performance indicators developed by following international standards and norms. The aim is to provide the background data requirements for measuring environmental sustainability of buildings by EU frameworks and global standards such as Level(s), LEED, BREEAM and more. It consists of of internationally and independently-verified data, and includes all life cycle stages of construction products – from raw materials to production, from application to disposal – in detail, in 24 environmental indicators including climate change.


Developed by Metsims Sustainability Consulting, the Digital Environmental Hub for Global Construction Products is the main resource providing digital environmental performance data on global construction products for manufacturers, designers, specifiers, suppliers, building LCA consultants for specific end-user needs such as green public procurement, building environmental performance assessments and other market applications. GloCoMDat aims to facilitate transition to zero carbon homes and sustainable built environment by providing high quality regionalized data for building environmental performance assessment based on life cycle thinking. Metsims has been developing construction product databases for countries and major regions of the world. If you are interested in currently available localized databases or interested in developing any country-specific database, then please contact us.


CAGE Carbon Management Platform

CAGE Carbon Management Platform is a web based SaaS application to calculate ISO 14064 compliant corporate carbon footprint and manage data and results to develop possible short- and long-term targets. With CAGE, you can make calculations at corporate and facility levels with the option to manage them separately, and analyse your results in detail with interactive graphs. With visual analysis, you can identify your hotspots and set up reduction targets at corporate, facility, scope and even activity levels. Account holders can set up sub-users accounts automatically to help managing different facilities. For Scope 3, CAGE has comprehensive physical based impact factors for detailed and reliable assessment and will include all your raw materials and products specific to particular production system.


eConLCA is web-based software, developed by Metsims Sustainability Consulting, for life cycle assessment of buildings and built environment. Built on the SimaPro Cloud infrastructure, the world’s leading LCA software, eConLCA uses country-specific branded construction products’ databases in compliance with EN 15804 norms and InData format. eConLCA also uses Ecoinvent, the world’s most comprehensive database for generic data, for when branded data is not available at country level. eConLCA complies with the EN 15978 norm and the EU Level(s) Green Building Assessment Framework.