Metsims is involved with the development of the following databases:

Turkish Construction Materials Database - TurCoMDat

TurCoMDat is a building materials Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) database developed by Metsims Sustainability Consulting with the financial support of the Turkish Centre for Sustainable Production Research and Design - SURATAM.

TurCoMDat contains the environmental performance of building elements and materials produced in Turkey. TurCoMDat enables the implementation of whole-building cradle to site Life Cycle Assessment, considering all the inputs and outputs, including materials, energy and waste, associated with the construction of the building. TurCoMDat is based on a standardized, transparent, verifiable and internationally recognized approaches such as the ISO 14040/44 series, ISO 14025, ISO 21930 and EN 15804 European norm.

TurCoMDat can be used to assess environmental performance of green buildings not only in Turkey but also worldwide. It is one of the few leading databases in the world in terms of content and transparency with more than 200 building materials and increasing.

Currently the following building materials are included in the TurCoMDat database.

Steel, Aluminium, PVC, Float Flat Glass
Brick, Plasterboard, Tiles
Cement, Plaster
Thermal Insulating Materials (Glasswool, XPS, EPS)
Paint (exterior, interior), Waterproofing, Polyethylene film
Construction Steel, Steel profiles
Construction chemicals
Aluminium composite panels, Fibercement boards
Office furniture

Among many of the environmental performance indicators some covered by TurCoMDat:

Global Warming Potential
Ozone Depletion Potential
Formation potential of tropospheric ozone photochemical oxidants
Acidification Potential
Eutrophication Potential
Abiotic Depletion potential for non-fossil resources
Abiotic Depletion for fossil resources

TurCoMDAT can be used in green building assessments such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, and can be presented in internationally recognized formats for design software and BIM compliance.

Metsims would like to thank SURATAM for their continuous financial support since 2015.


Turkish Life Cycle Inventory Database - TLCID

Turkish Life Cycle Inventory Database - TLCID contains environmental performance data in many different sectors relevant to Turkey. TLCID is developed by Metsims Sustainability Consulting since 2009 with the aim of becoming the foundation of environmentally sustainable growth of industries in Turkey. It is built on the real data from industry collected over the years from major manufacturers in Turkey. Some of the sectors covered are:

Transportation and more

TLCID database was awarded financial support from the Turkish Centre for Sustainable Production Research and Design -SURATAM, which enabled its rapid development with currently over 400 product and process datasets related to Turkey. TLCID has become one of the prominent life cycle databases worldwide and is used in various applications already such as Environmental Product Declarations, Eco-Design, Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint.