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Corporate Carbon Footprint

Governments across the world are introducing new legislation which will require mandatory carbon reporting (MCR) of Greenhouse Gas emissions. In the UK, for all Main Market companies listed on the London Stock Exchange are responsible for reporting. This legislation will differ from other emission reporting schemes where companies will be required to disclose data for all six Kyoto gas emissions, not just CO2, for all their global sites.

The six Kyoto gases are:

carbon dioxide
nitrous oxide
sulphur hexafluoride

Metsims can help you manage your corporation’s carbon footprint and prepare reports in compliant to ISO 14064 and the GHG Corporate Accounting and Reporting Protocol standards. We can:

Verify your company’s carbon footprint to ensure it has been accurately calculated
Reduce your carbon emissions, finding efficiencies & cost savings
Use the carbon footprint to concentrate on your significant emissions and
Identify activities to give the best & easiest reductions.

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