Communicating Sustainability

Communicating Sustainability

Public awareness and concern about environmental and social issues is growing. The world has become more and more transparent, thanks to the mass media and the new information technologies. The impacts of our consumption patterns are no longer vague and invisible. People are beginning to understand the pressure they put on our only home, the world and feel responsible to care for it.

Sustainability can be measured and communicated. Communication has a key role to play to build on these emerging trends and to make sustainable development approachable and understandable. Sustainability measurements are achieved by studies such as LCA studies, Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting, carbon and water footprint assessments. Sustainability communication, on the other hand, is carried out through annual sustainability reports, Carbon Disclosure, Climate Declarations, GRI Reports and Greenhouse Emissions Reports.

Through sustainability communication, firms can:

increase brand recognition,
expand capital market access,
create cost saving evaluation,
create measurable return of investment,
increase employees' and other stakeholders' participation,
increase the trust in the brand,
enhance communication between stakeholders,
increase brand value.

Companies/organisations needs to think hard not only what to communicate, but how to communicate it. At Metsims, we put extensive value on your communication strategy for sustainability. Having had the brilliant minds in the business to measure sustainability, we are here to communicate it through the best “thought provocateurs” in the market!